Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Tribute to Schanewolf: The Joy and Pain of Moving On

William and John Schanewolf at the 2009 Grands
For the first time in two years, William will be riding with new colors. He'll be sporting the red and white of Factory Felt. When the offer came, William's answer was an enthusiastic yeah! followed by a contemplative pause... What about Mr. Schanewolf?

A little more than two years ago, Mr. Schanewolf scouted a jumpy 7-nov who couldn't stand to lose, and his rookie baby brother who was happy to come in 4th. He saw potential in the older, and wasn't about to leave the younger one behind. That's the way Schanewolf rolls. If I started riding*, he would take me simply because of my boys.

The kids adore Mr. Schanewolf. He's akin to the awesome grandpa who sneaks the kids treats behind their parents backs. If I turn my head for a minute, my boys will trash their fruit and water, and head for Mr. Schanewolf for a Mountain Dew and Little Debbie cake.

He's always supportive, and understands when a rider has "bad luck". What he won't tolerate though is the "finish line fit". He won't even bring his own grandson, who he loves dearly, to the races anymore for that very reason.

I'm happy to say this isn't goodbye. When I asked him about Wyatt, he chuckled and said, "oh I plan on keeping him around for as long as I can."

Thank you Mr. Schanewolf for believing in my boys.

*At practice last night in Dothan, our friend Joe Herring, a new blog reader, flattered me by asking if I've ever considered becoming a professional writer. Later on the way home when I relayed this to Vann he said, "That's weird". With my feathers ruffled I asked, "Why on earth do you think I couldn't be a professional writer?" "Oh come on Heather", he said. "You don't even have a bike."



  1. Oh the writer/rider thing is hysterical! And I would argue that you ARE a professional writer. You maintain a complex and informative website, and you post a smart yet accessible blog. I'm very proud of those boys, but I sure am proud of you too- xoxo

  2. Clearly you are a gifted writer, but I would LOVE to see you take to the BMX tracks. I'm sure it would be
    almost as entertaining as your brillaint blog.