Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Training's Unexpected Silver Lining

December was a month of rest, sprinkled with holiday merriment, while the bikes collected dust in our shed. The BMX break gave me time to hover over the piano as Wyatt prepared for his big recital, and spend hours baking pecan sandies, peanut blossoms, and tea cakes that disappeared faster than I could roll out the dough.

Wyatt performs on the Rodrigue Steinway
Photo credit: Elizabeth Janke
A long time ago, I was somehow designated the one in charge of training. This sounds easy, but really it's a big commitment. Find the program, implement the program, nag the kids, train two boys who are on completely different levels... Good times! Since Wyatt has taken such an interest in swim, BMX training has whittled down to one. December 31st,  William's new regimen began, with mom at the helm.

Like any mom of a middle school aged son, I fear the day that I'm no longer cool to hang out with, and my words are no longer wise. Answers to questions become vague and repetitive...How was your day? Same as yesterday.

As our first week of training came to a close, I realized something. My son and I talked more that week than we had the entire month of December. For ninety minutes, six days a week, he's mine.

Between sprints I hear all sorts of plans: Dad said Wyatt and I can build a pump track in the yard this summer! I might hear about new bike parts: I'm doing away with the red. I'm going all silver... What do you think? He has grand ideas too: Wouldn't it be cool if I could go to school with all of my BMX friends? 

My favorite training day is when we head to Doak Campbell, home of the Florida State Seminoles. There, it's just my son and me, with the ghosts of sweat, fear and hope laying heavy in the air. As he climbs repeatedly to the top, I watch his legs tremble, and I know he's giving it all he's got.

Some mornings, I drag William out of bed early to train before school. These are the times I have to get ugly. I thought you said you could do pull-ups! What do you call those? Give me five more! That's IT! I'm DONE!

Then a tired voice says, "Wait Mom!"

I finish with the same speech every time...

Do you think I'm out here for MY benefit??

Well, maybe I am.

Happy BMX New Year!



  1. Oh you are such a good mom! I'd like to hear 'Gonna Fly Now' playing with this witty-and-wise post.

  2. This is so funny. As a mom of a soon to be 11 yr old expert and a 7 yr old girl, I'd vowed to never be that mom yelling at my kids on the track. Well...needless to say, you will always know when my kids are racing.

    I am also in charge of training, diet and coaching. The kids seem to take it better from me.

    I love that you started this blog.

    1. Thank you for commenting! I have had so much fun with this blog, and until now, I've only shared it with friends! I love hearing moms tell me that they can relate! I have an 11x who will be 12 in May, so maybe they will meet up sometime! Best of luck in 2013!

  3. Love this and totally get it! Mom of a 12 yr old girl BMXer and I've said that we have a better relationship and I know more about her and her day from all the long drives and training time that has gone into this sport! Love it and wouldn't change it for the world. Well maybe all the yelling and all that goes into some long, hard training sessions...LOL

    1. Thank you Judy! I hope you all make some fabulous memories this year! I'm going to try to stop yelling too! LOL!