Wednesday, May 8, 2013

To Friendly Moms Everywhere

Moms should be friendly.
My mom is very friendly.
Friendly moms are great.
-a haiku by Wyatt Parker (May 2013)

BMX moms are a different breed. We've traded our Mother's Day mimosas and freshly corsaged sundresses for energy drinks and moto boards. Mother's Day 2012 was celebrated in Powder Springs, Georgia. Standing in the mud, as the rain poured down, my friend Ellen cracked her car window. "Happy Mother's Day", she uttered quickly, and rolled the window back up. We left before the announcement was made that the race would be cancelled, not wanting to risk an injury a week before England. On Mother's Day, there was no place I'd have rather been than with my boys, even in the rain.
This Mother's Day, we'll spend at the Tarheel Nationals in Charlotte. I'll be surrounded by some of my favorite BMX moms. There will be hugs and laughter, wounds to mend, and food to fix.
Me with some of my favorite moms!
Whoever thinks Mother's Day is about spa treatments, champagne brunch and afternoon naps, is sorely mistaken. It's about the kids, and that's all there is to it. I can still recall my sister complaining to my mom on a Mother's Day more than thirty years ago. "Why do we have to have Mother's Day anyway? Why isn't there a Kid's Day?" My mom responded with a long drawn-out sigh. Everyday is Kid's Day, Wendy Ann.
Moms don't get the appreciation they deserve, but that's part of it. Just remember, we're in this together!
So, here's to you, ladies!
Here's to you, Julianne, for endlessly driving all night to get to the next race, not just your kids, but everyone else's too.

Here's to you, Ellen and Pam for being my entertainment, confidantes and pick-me-ups during a long day. 

Here's to you, Mady and Josette, mothers and caregivers to us all.

Here's to you Misty and Kristy, two lovely BMX moms who don't know each other, but who are so much alike with your inner beauty and love for animals.

Here's to you Meredith and Karen, mothers to dogs and cats, who don't need children to be nurturing.

Here's to you, Christine, who is stronger than us all.

Here's to my mom, Mignon, who without, I would be nothing.
Here's to you, Vann, for making me who I am.

A mom.

Happy Mother's Day!


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