Tuesday, May 22, 2012

England Swings: Part I of the 2012 BMX World Championships

"England swings like a pendulum dooooo..."*

Here I sit alone in the small foyer of our adjoining rooms, the only wi-fi hot spot in our home of 8 days. Luckily I have my warm (no ice or fridge) sauvignon blanc that Vann so lovingly procured. Snores surround me.

J.R.R. Tolkien honeymooned here in 1916!

We're staying at THE Plough and Harrow, and I do mean THE. This was THE place!--  Back in the 1800s that is. Today we figured out the plumbing.

HA HA! Actually, this was in fact the posh potty in the gruesome Tower of London.
The plumbing is quite tricky here though.
But now for the real deal... Why are we here?

We're here because I have a son who deserves it.
We're here because he's earned it.
We're here because he's willing to give it his all.

William Parker and Coleman Habib:
 representing Felt Bikes and the USA!

Today was first practice. I won't lie. The track is tough, and the first straight has William worried. He's not the only one though. There were multiple wrecks coming off the first jump. William did wreck in practice today, but his only injury was a little blood and dirt on his coveted USA jersey. THAT's what mattered to him, but a little soap and scrubbing in the hotel sink had it good as new.

Tomorrow's practice promises good things. William knows how to dial in a track, and he has a plan. I can hardly wait for him to take on the World on Thursday. GO USA!!


*From "England Swings" by Roger Miller


  1. You got it William. Remember- don't worry about all the things you hear others saying about how hard the track is. Turn that to your favor. Go with your plan of practicing and finding the best way you can ride it, then remember one very important thing. All that chatter you hear about everyone saying its hard has them worried! Use that to realize that your plan will put you in front of the ones worried about how hard it is. All you can do is challenge yourself to master it with all the skills you own. Leave the worries to them! Go KILL IT!- Bill Madden

    1. THANK YOU Bill. He needed some coaching this morning. We're headed out for practice, and William is well-rested and ready. Thanks for all of your support! Wyatt is sitting this one out, and thoroughly enjoying the fact that he's not racing!

  2. ...And that goes for you too, Wyatt! -Bill Madden

  3. Hi to y'all from Tallahassee. Good luck to William from his Grizzly family. Great article in paper this morning. Go USA!

  4. Good luck William! Know you are going to give it your all. Great article in the Tallahassee democrat yesterday. I have an extra copy if you would like one. Stay safe and hang in there Heather and Vann. Katherine and David, Sarah and Ben!