Monday, May 17, 2010

BMX and a Blog Defined

I've been a BMX mom since 2006, and I'm amazed at the experiences we've had. I thought it was time to share our memories, and hopefully offer some valuable information to other moms like me. This first blog contains important BMX terminology that I'll often refer back to in future posts. I hope you'll follow along with our family as we share our adventures.
  • BMX: Bicycle Motocross
  • BMX MOM: A seemingly "normal" mom who spends her weekends ruining her pedicure running through dirt to check motos, or schlepping through mud to wait in line for a trophy, while BMX Dad packs up the bikes in a downpour, and the kids stay dry in the truck. Ensures racers are properly fueled and hydrated. Frequently heard, but seldom seen, yelling--- as if it will make them go faster. Doesn't hesitate to yell out "HOLD THE GATE" when their pocket rocket is struggling with clips-- even though it's against the rules. (Put any gate operator up against a BMX MOM and I know who will win.) Also heads up photography and videography. Always ready with first aid to sterilize and bandage the battle wounds, or to say "suck it up". Packs the bags, reserves the rooms, provides toilet paper and handy wipes, brings the food. Gives lots of hugs, high fives, and pep talks. Dries tears. Sheds tears.
  • BMX DAD: Charged with head coaching and motivation, training, bike maintenance, equipment, cold beverages, and transportation. (I could go into more detail here, but this blog is by ME, the MOM.)
  • ABA: American Bicycle Association
  • NBL: National Bicycle League
  • MOTO: Qualifier leading up to the main. Most races have 3 motos.
  • MAIN: The final that determines the overall winner.
  • PERFECT: Winning all motos and the main.
  • CLASSES: Various proficiencies - rookie (beginner), novice (intermediate) and expert
  • MOVE-UPS: Points awarded to a rider that eventually move him up to the next proficiency.
  • SANDBAGGING: Avoiding move-ups to stay in a lower proficiency.
  • FAVORITE TRACKS: Both boys said Okeeheelee I have to agree. It's an incredible facility.
  • GEAR: Refer to the NBL's list of Necessary Equipment
I'll add to this list of terms as I see fit, and reference this blog as needed in the future. There is no method to this madness, but this is my blog and I can do whatever I want.



  1. Okay, so can I tell you how helpful this is to the BMX Aunt? And entertaining too! Thanks for the quick reference guide and especially the upcoming race schedule. And thank you for blogging -- It's about time!

  2. This is great! Thanks for sharing your adventures. You're the best BMX mom and friend--you rock!!

  3. This is a cool site. My memories of BMX are some of the best I have. For anyone interested in BMX memories from the early days you can visit and find a ton of info and old mags and books available for download.

    Johnny Ringo.