Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Delusions in My Head

"Mommy? Daddy? Am I dreaming? 
Where am I?"

"Sleep? You won't sleep for 10 years, man!" Vann was on the phone with his buddy Mike, a new father for three days now. We were on our way to the Malabar Farm, home of 1940s author Louis Bromfield. The scenery was unimaginably beautiful, and I nudged Vann to slow down as gold finches darted in and out of our path from the wild flower edged cornfields.

Before touring the historic home, we decided to have a bite to eat at the Malabar Farm Restaurant. Louis Bromfield dreamed of having an authentic French restaurant on his property, and there it was-- a delight to the gastronomical senses in the middle of a cornfield. The menu was fabulous. But, I think any menu that offers a "plate of rare cheeses" is fabulous. With no kids, no work, and no problems, we decided to linger over a bottle of South African blended white and enjoy a cheese plate. The wine was perfect for a misty day, and I enjoyed showing off my cheese knowledge with our server. I had ordered a blue cheese burger with the works, accompanied by blue lyonnaise potatoes grown on Malabar Farm.

Vann's phone rang, and he stepped outside to take what I assumed was a business call. As the most beautiful burger in the world was placed in front of me, Vann appeared. "We have to go."

The call had been from Chris Ashcraft at Ohio Dreams. He was on the way to the Mansfield hospital with William. We abandoned our succulent morsels, plugged the hospital address into the Tom Tom, and did what we have done before-- raced to the hospital.

From William's pain level, I knew something was bad wrong. He was unable to move his right arm, and his elbow pad had to be cut off for his x-rays. When I finally saw it, I knew it was broken. It was the size of a baseball. As it happens, I was wrong.
"You should have seen me jump into the foam pit! I was awesome!"
 We knew it. We had warned him. It was a classic case of I told you so. We refrained from saying that though, and listened to his stories of how high he had jumped, and how often. He and his buddy Dare had played rock-paper-scissors to see who would jump first. His injury didn't happen on his way into the foam pit, but on his way out. He slipped on the outside edge, and tumbled to the concrete below. Had he not been wearing his pads, I'm certain his elbow would have shattered.

His excruciating pain was caused from a dislocation, that had to be repaired. After a brief discussion with the doctor, William opted for anesthesia to have it popped back into place. I can't say I blame him. We were allowed to watch, as William's eyes fluttered and rolled in a drug induced stupor, and the doctor fixed his elbow within 3 seconds.

Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds hummed through my head as I watched William reach for reality.
"I like the delusions in my head-- 
the four eyes -- the two noses..." 

Reality came soon enough, and we went to collect William's belongings at camp, and ease the mind of his worried brother. William is staying with us tonight, being nursed and enjoying popcorn and a movie.

Because I'm aware that inquiring minds want to know... William is out for next weekend's race in Peachtree City. Now as for the Grands, we'll be consulting our orthopedist in Tallahassee first thing Monday morning. Don't count him out yet.

As for the other Parker brother, he's having the time of his life, and learning all the skills he needs to take to the upcoming events. Whether William rides or not, he'll be there rooting for Wyatt.



  1. I am so glad he is ok. I saw the picture and panicked! I had to read it twice because I had skipped the beginning and went straight for the picture in the hospital room... you know me had to go back for the description of the food! lol Please give William and Bubba my love.

  2. Boys will be Boys... So I hear!!!

    I'm so glad he is okay!!! What are the chances... injured at bike camp, but, not on the bike!!! lol

    Hope he is feeling better and the doc at home has good news for a quick recovery.

  3. Wow! That was some story - I think you missed your calling. You should be a writer!


  4. I am so glad William is okay!! I must ask this question.....did you get the food to go???

  5. oh sheash - best wishes for a speedy recovery. What is a foam pit?

    - Timber

  6. Heather, I am so sorry I wasn't there to help! Please call me next time you find yourself in that kind of a fix. I would have been delighted to help out by staying to finish the burger...

    Seriously though, glad William is okay and hope he rebounds for the Grands--which to this non-BMX mom sound like those fluffy rolls you get in the refrigerator section at the grocery. I'd hate for him to miss those!

    Glad Van was with you in Ohio. Keep us updated on William's recovery and Wyatt's ongoing camp adventures. -Mathilda

  7. Stumbled on your blog from Ohio Dreams FB. My son races too, so I'll be checking in on your blog. Poor little guy. Hope he's ready for the Grands!

  8. How is he doing Heather? Hope he gets to race Labor Day weekend!