Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Jinx of Oak Mountain Lives On: A brief weekend wrap-up

I happened to check the weather for Pelham, Alabama yesterday hoping for the best for our friends racing at Oak Mountain. I stayed updated through some spicy text messages sent from my friend Mandi Green, an Oak Mountain local. Heavy rain began mid-way through the mains, stalling the race until late last night. Mandi could not deny the jinx of Oak Mountain. In her text she states, "...It's been a long's never gonna end." I texted her back some quick advice on how to handle these long nights, and she assured me she already had it under control.

So how did we fare staying home? Did we stay free and clear of the jinx? Well, in a word, no. Zoey, our adorable 7-month-old lab pup decided to make a meal of toxic berries in our yard. The money we saved trying to avoid the jinx went straight into the hands of the emergency pet hospital where Zoey spent the weekend having her system flushed. If we had gone to Oak Mountain, Zoey would have been frolicking through the mud instead of eating rotten berries.

Better luck next year!


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