Tuesday, May 17, 2011

One Year Later: The Adventure Continues!

Drat. All this NBL/ABA/USA BMX stuff would have to break today. I've got more important things to blog about! ME! If you must read about the pending merger, visit bmxnews.com. All I have to say about it is that I can hardly wait for Christmas!
Now back to me...

Sandy Duncan starring in "Adventures of a BMX Mom"
I've done it! Fifty-two weeks and 32 posts later, I've completed one year of blogging! Where's my publisher? My movie deal? What amazing actress could play me, BMX Mom? Uma Thurman? Angelina Jolie? Ohhh I know! Beyonce'! Last night while drifting off to sleep, I asked Vann his opinion. His reply? "Sandy Duncan." What the ....? The original "Chatty Cathy"? Does he expect me to don my Peter Pan suit and fly the kids off to staging? Well, I admit, I can see her doling out homemade rice krispy treats and putting neosporin on boo-boos.

Alas, it's just a dream.
What's real is that I've learned that I love blogging! My biggest fans are my husband and kids, and that's just fine by me. I am grateful to my mighty band of  followers and all of their contributing comments.

For your enjoyment, I've selected my favorite posts from the past year.

1. Excuse Me. Where's the Ladies' Room? - May 28, 2010
By now my readers should know that I am terrified of port-o-pots.
Hot BMX Mom?-- NOT!! (Don't think that got past me on Vintage!)

2. Delusions in my Head - August 3, 2010
Food, action sports, and ketamine at Ohio Dreams.
William will not be attending camp this year!

3. Missing Dixie - November 10, 2010
If you've ever loved a dog, get your tissue.
Dixie Parker October 6, 1994-November 13, 2009
Thank you all for reading!!



  1. Congratulations on one year! And as to the actress, you'll have to play yourself, because you're one in a million! Loved seeing Froggy on the bicycle in last week's post...

  2. Ha! I think you should star in the movie. NO ONE can do you better. :) Oh, and the port-a-pot pic is priceless. I'd rather pee in the woods than go near one of those things. NASTY! Yes, I do think my precious baby B's hiney is too good for those foul creations. Congrats on your blogging!

  3. I'm thinking Meg Ryan!! Ya'll are both precious-congradulations!